Prius Options

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    Smart-Key System (SKS)

    This feature allows entry, locking/unlocking and starting your Prius without removing the key from your pocket, purse or briefcase. It can be identified by a black rubber square on the front door handles and tailgate.
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    Back-up Camera

    A factory installed high resolution night vision camera that engages when your Prius is put into reverse. The image displays on the center Multi-Function Display (MFD) screen. Models with this feature also have sharper graphics for all other functions. This feature is paired with the smartkey option and was only available on 2006-2009 models. There are several nice aftermarket rear view camera systems available for cars not equipped with this option.
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    JBL Sound System

    The upgraded JBL sound system inclues an in-dash 6 disc CD changer, 9 speakers and an amplifier. The standard sound system has a single CD and 6 speakers. The additional 3 speakers are tweeters located in the rear doors (2) and a small sub woofer located on top of the Multi-Function Display (MFD). The amplifier is located under the passenger front seat. Some 2004-2005 models may also have a cassette player. 2006-2009 models include Aux Input Miniplug.
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    This feature allows you to pair your phone to the Prius' audio system and have hands-free calling utilizing the speakers in the car and a microphone next to the front dome lights. You can also dial numbers and store contacts on the Multi-Function Display (MFD). Bluetooth is identified by a fourth cluster of buttons on the upper right section of the steering wheel. These buttons are used to answer and end Bluetooth calls. Bluetooth was an available option on all 2004-2009 models. There are also many aftermarket options available for cars not equipped with this feature.
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    High Intensity Discharge Headlights (HID)

    Brighter Xenon bulbs illuminate the road better than standard halogen bulbs.
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    Fog Lights

    Halogen fog lights light up the road in foggy or inclement weather. Usually come with the High Intensity Discharge Headlights (HID)
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    Leather Seats

    Leather seats became a factory installed option on the 2006-2009 models. It is also a dealer installed option. Adding a new leather interior is a great way to make an older car look and smell like new. 
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    Voice activated DVD based GPS guidance system allows you to enter destinations by touch screen or voice commands. Prius models with navigation are easily identified by the 4 hard buttons on the left and 3 on the right of the (MFD). Units that are not equipped with navigation only have 2 buttons on either side. There will also be a fourth cluster of buttons on the upper right section of the steering wheel to initiate voice commands, toggle the info screen and answer calls via Bluetooth. There is also a DVD player under the driver seat that reads the map disc (DVD). There are many aftermarket options available for any Prius that does not have this feature.
  • Aux Input Miniplug

    Allows you to plug in a phone, MP3 or iPod type device and play music through the factory sound system. Available on 2006-2009 models. Can be added as an aftermarket option.
  • Vehicle Stability Control(VSC)

    VSC helps prevent wheelslip and loss of traction by reducing engine power and applying brake force to wheels that need it. The system reads data from a steering wheel sensor and the ABS wheel-speed sensors to determine if the vehicle is following the driver’s steering inputs. If the vehicle is deviating from the direction in which the driver is steering, VSC is designed to reduce engine power and pulse the left- or right-side brakes to help correct the situation. This option was available on all models from 2004-2009.